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How to fix Ghost's slow login on Raspberry Pi

If you’ve got a copy of Ghost running on a Raspberry Pi (or perhaps another ARM-based server) you’ll probably have noticed that it takes AAAAAGES to login.

To fix it, cd into your Ghost directory:

cd /path/to/ghost

And run the following command:

sudo npm install bcrypt && sudo sed -i "s/require('bcryptjs')/require('bcrypt')/" core/server/models/user.js

Here’s what happens

  1. sudo npm install bcrypt installs the bcrypt library into your Ghost installation.
  2. && makes sure that command completed successfully before running the next one
  3. sudo sed -i "s/require('bcryptjs')/require('bcrypt')/" core/server/models/user.js finds the string require=('bcryptjs'), which is what tells Ghost to use the bcryptjs library, and replaces it with require=('bcrypt'), telling it to use your newly installed (faster) bcrypt library instead.

Enjoy your speedy new Ghost login!