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Fix OS X Mail's formatting in all email clients (including Outlook)

If you’ve ever seen emails you’ve sent from Mail on your Mac on someone else’s computer, you might have been more than a little confused by the formatting. Especially in Outlook.

Unfortunately, Mail doesn’t include formatting with emails you send, so even though they look great in your composer, receipients’ clients user their default font to render them. For Outlook, this is the beautiful Times New Roman.

The Solution

Universal Mailer

Universal Mailer. Direct from the developer, you’ll benefit from Universal Mailer if:

  • Your sent email contains unwanted ATT00001.htm or ATT0001.txt attachments
  • Your sent email can’t be read as a whole, it is split in several ATT000x files
  • Your inline images in your emails but your recipients can’t see them as you expected
  • You want your email to have a specific font but are tired of selecting all the text and choosing a font
  • Your sent emails are hard to read because they are displayed with a too small font on some email clients

Sound familiar? Get it here and post your joy in the comments :-)