Noticed a pretty sharp rise in your data usage since upgrading to iOS 9?

I did.

After a bit of investigation and some Apple news-reading, I found a likely culprit.

With iOS 9, Apple brought a horde of sweet new features to the iPhone.

One such feature is labelled Wi-Fi Assist, and you can find it in Settings > Mobile Data. It's hidden away at the very bottom of the screen.

Wi-Fi Assist on iOS 9

Wi-Fi assist is a pretty cool concept, but for those of us on plans with very little data (I'm working my way down from 2GB to 1GB a month to save some coin), it can be costly.

As you can imagine, it automatically switches over to your cellular data connection when Wi-Fi connectivity is shit poor.

There are some caveats, as Apple's own support page points out: doesn't switch during roaming, thank goodness; doesn't work for background downloads; doesn't support data-heavy use like emails, streaming, etc.

Still, if you think it's screwing you out of some data, disable it by sliding over to white in the Settings app.

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